Certified Cyber Pink
This Course gives you the essential knowledge on Cyber Crimes happening against Girls and Women in the Cyber Space., understand and Defend different types of cyber-attacks. Through this course, you can also know the modus operandi of Cyber Criminals. This course also gives you knowledge on Cyber Safety controls and basics of Cyber Laws.

This course is suitable for Students, Professionals, Home Makers

+ Overview of Cyber Crime
+ Cyber Threats
+ Cyber Addiction
+ Bullying in Cyberspace
+ Revenge Pornography
+ Social Networking Crimes
+ Consequence of Trolling
+ Consequence of Memes
+ Whatsapp Attacks
+ Online Harassment / Cyber Stalking
+ Digital Identity Fraud
+ Internet & Mobile Banking Frauds
+ Think before You Click
+ Posting Protocols 
+ Smart Phone Crimes
+ Violation of Privacy

+ Countermeasures
+ Do's & Dont's 
+ Preventive Steps
+ Cyber Safety Measures
+ Basics of Cyber Law
Course Duration: Total Hours: 3
Fee ₹ 1499 + GST