Certified Cyber Soldier
This Course gives you the essential knowledge on different types of cyber-attacks and counter measures.. Through this course, you can also learn the concepts of Hacking, Ethical Hacking and Hacking Phases. This course also gives you hands-on knowledge on hacking concepts, Penetration testing.

This course is suitable for Professionals & College Students

I. Hacking and Ethical Concepts
a. What is Hacking and Hacker Classes?
b. What is Ethical Hacking?
c. Why Ethical Hacking is necessary?

II. Hacking Phases
a. Foot printing and Reconnaissance
b. Scanning
c. Vulnerability Assessment
d. Gaining Access
e. Maintaining Access and Clearing Tracks

III. Hacking Concepts Demo
a. Five Phases of Hacking
b. Hacking Systems
c. Phishing Attack
d. Hacking Mobile Phones

IV. Penetration Testing
a. What is Penetration Testing?
b. Why Penetration Testing?
c. Blue Teaming and Red Teaming
d. Types of Penetration Testing
Course Duration:  Total Hours: 6
Fee ₹ 999 + GST