Ethical Hacker Essentials 
This Course is for anyone who want to become a Cyber Security Professional. This is the foundation course to become an Ethical Hacker/Penetration tester. This course provides strong knowledge on IP address, MAC address, Networking devices, Internetworking devices, VLAN, VPN, OSI Layers, TCP/IP Model, Windows Server (Web Server, DHCP, DNS, File Server) and Linux Server (Essential Commands, Network Configuration, Web Server, Patching, Package Installation).
Curriculum :

Module 01: IP Address and Subnet
a) IP Address Classes
b) Host ID and Network ID
c) Understanding Subnet Mask and Subnet
d) Classful and CIDR

Module 02: MAC Address
a) Understanding MAC Address
b) ARP and RARP

Module 03: Networking Devices
a) Understanding HUB and Switch
b) Types of Switches
c) Understanding VLAN

Module 04: Inter Networking Devices
a) Understanding Routers and Firewalls
b) Types of Firewalls
c) Understanding VPN

Module 05: Networking Models
a) Understanding Protocols
b) TCP and UDP
c) OSI Layers
d) TCP/IP Model

Module 06: Windows Server Essentials
a) User Authentication
b) File Server
c) DHCP Server
d) DNS Server
e) Web Server

Module 07: Linux Server Essentials
a) Basic Commands
b) VI Editor
c) Network Configuration
d) Installing Patches and Packages
e) Web Server

Course Duration : 5 Days, Total Hours: 30
Fee ₹ 9999 + GST