Windows Server 2019
This course features Provides the foundation necessary to effectively Deploy, Configure and Administer Windows Server 2019 in a Multi Domain and Site environment. . Learners will receive hands-on training for implementing multi domain forest structure with DNS, Parent domain, Child domain, migrating domain controllers, site replication and much more. 


Knowledge in IT infrastructure, Good Knowledge in End User Support on Microsoft Windows or Linux operating systems and Good Networking knowledge.

Who should enroll :

This course is intended for IT professionals, such as server, network, and systems administrators familiar with
• Microsoft Windows server environments,
• Systems engineers,
• Support engineers,
• System administrators,
• System analysts and
• IT executives.

• Maintaining and monitoring AD replication.
• Backup and Restoration of Active directory.
• Windows Server 2019 Administration.
• Workgroup, Domain, Domain Controller.
• Introduction to ADS
• Configuring Windows Server 2019 Domain
• Creating and Managing

Course details :
After taking this course, you should be able to: know
• Windows Server 2019 Features
• Active Directory Service Introduction
• Group Policy Object Management (GPO)
• Domain Name System (DNS)
• Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol (DHCP)
• Active Directory Architecture
• AD Partitions
• Managing FSMO Roles

Course Module :
1. Introduction
• Workgroup, Domain, Domain Controller
• Introduction to ADS
• Configuring Windows Server 2016 Domain
• Creating and Managing Domain Users and Computers
• Creating and Managing Groups and OUs

2. Group Policy Management
• Introduction to Policies
• Configure Password Policy
• Configure Account Lockout Policy
• Create and Manage GPO
• Configure Administrative Templates
• Configure Logon Script using GPO
• Configure Software Restriction Policy
• Configure Folder Redirection
• Configure Software Deployment

3. Storage Management
• Introduction to RAID
• Understanding RAID Levels
• Configuring RAID Levels

4. Distributed File System
• Understanding DFS
• Configure DFS Namespaces
• Configure DFS Replication

5. Domain Name System
• Understanding DNS
• Understanding Name Resolution
• Understanding DNS Resource Records
• Understanding DNS zones
• Configure DNS zones (Primary,Secondary & Stub)
• Managing DNS Resource Records
• Managing Service Zone Records

6. Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol
• Understanding DHCP Process
• Create and Manage DHCP scopes
• Configure DHCP Scope options
• Authorizing DHCP server
• Configure a DHCP reservation
• DHCP Backup and Restore

7. Windows Deployment Services
• Understanding WDS
• Requirements to configure WDS
• Install the Windows Deployment Services role
• Configure and manage boot and install images

8. Windows Server Update Services
• Understanding WSUS
• Install and configure the WSUS role
• Configure WSUS synchronization
• Configure Computer Groups
• Approve Patches for Computer Groups
• Configure GPO for installing updates in Client

9. Internet Information Services
• Understanding Web Server / Web Application
• Installing Web server role
• Manage Web sites
• Configure and Manage FTP server

10. Remote Desktop Services
• Understanding RDS
• Deploying RDS Scenario
• Creating Session Collection
• Publishing RemoteApp

11. Active Directory Service Deep Drive
• Understanding Active Directory Architecture
• Understanding AD Partitions
• Understanding FSMO Roles
• Managing FSMO Roles
• Migration and Fail Scenarios

12. AD Replication
• Implementing Muti-Domain Environment
• Understanding AD Sites and Replication
• Configure Multi-Site Scenario
• Configure AD Replication
• Manage AD Replication

13. Active Directory Service Deep Drive
• Understanding AD Backup
• Performing AD Backup
• Understanding the Types of Replication
• Performing Non-Authoritative Restore
• Performing Authoritative Restore

Course Duration : 5 Days, Total Hours: 30